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The trip was long but at least they had jobs to go to and somewhere to live even if it was small. They each had one suitcase half filled with clothes and a life they were leaving behind. Once they were left in the by the side of a dusty road on the outskirts of a small country town Barbara walked with Ian to their new home, unconsciously holding onto his hand as she had done so many times before. Their real estate agent waited at the door of their new home to hand them a set of keys. He wished the newly weds ever lasting happiness then left them to it.

"It seems I've missed my own wedding," Barbara said with a sigh as she put the suitcase down in the middle of the almost empty lounge room and chuckled a little. She was tired and felt dirty from all their traveling.
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After she was dressed and ready for the day, Barbara Chesterton watched her reflection as she washed up the breakfast things. Alfie was late to help her but for once she didn't mind since it gave her time to think. They had celebrated Ian's running for council the night before and she felt awful to be the bearer of bad news, particularly she'd had chances before.

Once she had finished, she found Ian in the back garden with some of the boys, constructing another hammock.

"May I talk to you for a moment?" she asked once he looked free enough. Some of the boys made noises to suggest that Ian was in trouble.
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In the waiting room of the doctor's office, Barbara held Ian's hand tightly. She glanced around the room at the sketches on the wall, the small pile of books which were fading with age. It all did little to relax her. Had it not been such a warm day she might have gotten up to pace around the room but instead she stayed by Ian, clutching his hand, and waiting to be called.

Mrs Nesbit exited the little room to the side where the doctor worked. Barbara watched her shuffle out on elderly legs. She knew that Mrs Nesbit was allowed contraception but Barbara couldn't work out why considering she was possibly too old to conceive anyway.

"Mr. and Mrs. Chesterton?" the doctor called tiredly.
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In the TARDIS wardrobe Barbara was squeezing herself into appropriate clothing with the help of Susan. The whirling of the engines had stopped a short while ago and one quick glance at the scanners determined that they were in an era which required suitable clothing. Barbara had bustled everyone into the wardrobe room and assisted in their outfit decisions.

"I still don't understand why I have to be a boy," Susan commented once Barbara was laced up and covered with yet another layer of cloth. "I'd quite like to wear a pretty dress and a corset."

"Trust me, Susan, I'd be a boy too if I could get away with it." Barbara placed a cloth over her head and secured it down with a band of twined, neutral colours. Susan admired her in the mirror.

"But with Ian and Grandfather around, we'd be alright."

Barbara tried not to look doubtful and managed well enough. "Yes, I know. Come on, they're waiting for us."

Arm in arm, the female companions of the TARDIS team walked elegantly from the wardrobe and into the control room where the Doctor and Ian were meant to be waiting for them. The doors were wide open, however, indicating that they'd already left.

"We'd best go and find them," Barbara sighed and stepped out into a pleasant, English summer day in the early fifteenth century.

Colourful tents and crests spread out before them, and a wide array of people went about their business. Some in armour, some in finery and others dressed in every day clothes. There were squires, ladies, rich looking old men, knights and some questionable women. Barbara, however, was keeping her eyes out for more familiar faces, namely those of the Doctor and Ian.
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The first rays of sunlight dimly lit the master bedroom of the Chesterton's home. Barbara blinked slowly as she woke, taking note of her surroundings. The warm blankets were pulled up to her shoulder and her husband lay behind her, breathing gently in his sleep. And poking her in the back. More often than not, Barbara would ignore it and wriggle away but an adventurous thought dawned on her as she slowly woke up, and she shuffled carefully under the blankets.

She freed Ian from his pyjama trousers and was administering kissess when she heard little foot steps thundering their way into the bedroom. Johnny dived for the bed, landing next to where Barbara was crouching (thank heavens). She quickly popped back up to where she was technically meant to be, her heart thundering in her chest. Would their son have worked out what she was doing?

"You sleep funny, Mummy," he told her.

"I was looking for a sock. Shouldn't you be sleeping still?"

"But we need to get up and go to the circus!"
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Barbara glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall. Ian's break time had just started. She knew because he sometimes called her instead of going into the staff room and eating with everyone else. Today, however, she wasn't going to give him the chance to eat for the moment, not with such important news.

The dial tone ws loud and clear as Barbara picked up their telephone, and each number she punched in had it's own sound to make. When she heard the ringing on the other end, her heart sped up and almost leapt from her mouth when a secretary answered.

"Yes, hello. I'd like to speak to Ian Chesterton please. This is his wife."
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Barbara hadn't had a good day. She crashed through the door to her flat, exhausted and kicked off her shoes. She had the urge to pour herself a large glass of wine and sit in the tub for half an hour but Ian would be around soon enough.

If he wasn't going away for work, Barbara might have called and asked if they could have a quiet night in, but he had something booked or planned for them. Something strangely secret. When Barbara had rung in the evenings and asked about their plans (so that she could figure out what to wear) he'd grow irritable and change the subject. So Barbara would go in her work clothes. She couldn't go in her work clothes. She headed into the bedroom with a heavy sigh to find something to wear.
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"Turn right here," Barbara told Ian so that he navigated his car to the correct location. "My mother's house is on the right."

Joan's house was tall and almost daunting looking from the outside. Narrow windows and lace curtains made it difficult to see what was inside, and light only shone out from a few of the windows. The front garden was immaculately manicured, and once they had parked and were close enough to see, the front door looked as though it had been recently painted.

Barbara tried the handle but it was locked. "Mum must have been out the back doing something in the garden," she explained and rang the doorbell to capture Joan's attention, but it was Harry who answered the door. Barbara frowned. "Aren't you supposed to be studying how to be a soldier?"

"I've got the weekend off," Harry explained and looked over at Ian, clearly relishingt he change in roles for the evening. "Chesterton."

Barbara rolled her eyes and pushed him out of the way. "Where's Mum?"
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"I've never been to an army base before," Rose told Barbara as they pulled up outside the community hall, "do you think we'd be able to drop the boys home and have a look?"

"We don't have clearance. We wouldn't be allowed in." Barbara smiled at her friend.

"But you snuck in."

"That was different."

Dressed as nicely as they thought necessary for a fund raising trivia night, Barbara and Rosie locked the car and disappeared inside to find their table. Rosie looped her arm around Barbara's, as she often did, and grinned when she saw all the men in uniform. Barbara was having a little more trouble locating Ian - a great number of them looked the same from behind - then she saw him turn to laugh at something Stephen had said.

"Come on!" she said brightly to Rosie and the two women picked up their pace to meet their group.

"Gentlemen, this is my friend Rosie," Barbara told him once they'd joined up and she could reach for Ian's hand with her own. "Is there any reason uniform is being worn this evening?"
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It was a bleak day. Dark clouds had rolled in and threatened to break open at any moment. Ian stared out the window, sipping at tea and wondered whether Howard would beat it home or not. He'd have to asked him to have a hot shower before they left or Barbara would give Ian a stern telling off. At least she didn't live terribly far away, so if it rained he wouldn't have to put up with driving on the busy roads for a long time.

Ian sighed and turned away to find the day's paper. Howard had promised to be back in time and he did trust his foster son. Howard had saved Ian's life more times than he could care to count, surely he'd arrive on time.

It was when Ian was reading through letters to the editor that he heard the front door open and Howard stomp through the house.

"Everything alright?" Ian asked curiously, lowering the newspaper enough to see Howard approach the kitchen.
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"Chesterton!" Stephen's voice called out across the base's pub, "you've got an early start tomorrow, what on Earth are you doing hanging around here?"

Strong hands from seemingly nowhere reached out and grabbed Ian by the arms and legs, and hoisted him up from the floor. Ian's friend drank the last of his pint and grinned at him. "You won't be needing that if you're going to have an early night."

The group of men marched Ian out of the pub, across the grassy grounds and into their living quarters. A few of the other men watched and chuckled, figuring that it was some kind of birthday torture. Not that anyone had mentioned Ian's birthday even in the slightest all day. But then why would the army make anyone feel special and individual?

Ian's friends prattled on and on about his early start, and the batch of new recruits and beauty sleep right up until they threw him into his own room. They laughed and shut the door, plunging Ian into almost complete darkness.

Once the loud laughter and excuses had diminished, Barbara's voice crept out of the gloom: "I hope they weren't too rough with you."
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The day was overcast at the Army Foundation College but they were yet to smell the oncoming rain. Barbara sat by her mother at the foot of the grandstand while they waited for the new recruits to march past and show off their skills.

"This really is a lot of nonsense," Barbara complained and fiddled with the hem of her skirt.

Joan gently slapped her hand. Ladies did not fiddle with their skirts. "We must support our country and therefore your brother. You'll be grateful if ever we're in another war."

Barbara sighed and took to watching the other soldiers already out. She quietly admitted to herself that she liked the uniforms, even if it represented something she didn't particularly agree on. She was busy with her thoughts when her mother tapped her knee and subtly gestured to where their beloved Harry was marching with the rest of his class.

He looked very grown up, Barbara noted as they approached. She waved and was pleased to see a ghost of a smile lighten his face for the briefest moment. However, once they had come to a stop in front of the little crowed, Barbara found herself distracted. Harry's senior officer, or whatever they were called, was very handsome. If they weren't sitting in a crowd of people all watching the soldiers, Barbara might have blushed for staring but there was no way he could have seen from that far away, could there? Barbara would have to ask Harry about him at lunch later that afternoon. For now she unashamedly drank in as many details as she could, from his strong looking arms and the sound of his voice to the shape of his figure in the uniform (which wasn't terribly forgiving to the larger men).
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The day had been much the same as all the others but still Barbara felt nervous. She met Ian briefly at the end of the day and told him she would be late home but did not reveal what she was doing. Barbara had noticed that she was late (in other, more personal matters), and needed to speak with someone more qualified. She had her suspicions, of course but they were only going to stay suspicions until some sort of result manifested itself.

The result....made her nervous.

She slowly walked home, wondering just how she was going to tell Ian that she was pregnant. At the front door, she paused, hand hovering over door knob. It would be fine. They would be fine. Barbara just had to convince herself of that fact. Quietly she opened the door and stepped into the house. Already she could hear a few of the teenagers relaxing in their lounge eating dinner.
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"Where are we going?" Barbara asked with a soft giggle, a playful smile upon her lips. "Why are you in such a hurry?"

She was fascinated with the new dome Ian had found (she assumed Ian had found it but deep down there was every chance that Howard had discovered it) and he was walking too fast to take in enough detail. It was bright and had blue skis and busy streets. Barbara could have sworn that she saw a street lamp powered by electricity or some form of it. At least, she didn't notice a candle sitting inside the lamp.

People wore the strangest clothes in the new dome. Some had flowing robes, reminiscent of ancient Greece or Rome. Others wore fashion which clung tightly to their bodies, accentuating curves, lumps and bumps. Others again dressed as Barbara and Ian did; in simple, nicely fitting shirts, trousers and dresses but they were few and far between.

Barbara had been surprised when Ian suggested they leave the dome. Not only had they spent months and months building up a home for themselves, but the storms outside were horrendous. She thought that she might be swept away if she hadn't clung to Ian like she had. Now, however, her coat and cardigan were hanging over her arm as she walked by Ian's side (well, trotted really, considering how fast he was going).

"How long have you known about this place?"

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The taxi pulled up outside a rather tall and grand looking hotel. Barbara stepped out to stare upwards. There were tall buildings in London but there was something about being in a different city which made the buildings unique and fascinating. Despite how tired she felt after such a long flight, she could almost go for a walk to see some more but there would be time for that later.

A finely dressed man dashed toward the from where he had been standing next tot he doors. "Shall I take your luggage?" he asked Ian and Barbara once the cabbie, or taxi driver, had hauled it out of the boot.

"Yes, thank you," Barbara replied. She reached out. For Ian's hand and offered him a smile before they walked into the hotel lobby together.

Once they had signed in at what appeared to be a marble desk, taken the lift up to near the very top, and stepped into their room, Barbara turned to thank the man for bringing their luggage. She gave him a small tip, since she didn't have a lot of money on her, and shut the door behind him.

"Would you look at this!" she said to Ian, gesturing to the entire room. "You must be valuable to have the board so generously pay for you to stay here!"

Barbara trotted over to the window to look out, passing a bottle of champagne and a note which wished them both a happy first anniversary.
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"You silly girl," Barbara muttered to herself as she spotted the fresh smear of chalk dust on her skirt. She was so awfully good at forgetting about the mess on her hands and then wiping it on her trousers.

"Pardon, Miss Wright?"

"Nothing. I was talking to myself," Barbara said to the girl who had caught her muttering, and to the rest of the he class she said: "you've got five minutes to finish your task and as you walk out, I want it on my desk for marking."

When the bell had rung five minutes later (after Barbara had wiped her hands on an appropriate piece of cloth), the students filed out, placing their work in the designated area. Barbara stood by the door and watched them go out for the afternoon.

"Good evening Mary and Stephanie. Alex, there's no need for that. Ashley, please watch the length of your skirt - I don't want to send you to the principal's office for indecency."

And then it was just Barbara. She had a quick flick through the stack of work and clicked her tongue. She'd need a cup of tea or something stronger to get through that. Fortunately, alcohol was not encouraged at Coal Hill, so Barbara went to the staff room in search of tea.
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They had spent most of the day in bed talking, reading to one another from the newspaper, kissing, cuddling. When they eventually emerged from the sheets for a late breakfast, they realised that it was very nearly time to begin getting ready for Rhonda's wedding that afternoon.

Barbara stood in the bathroom sometime after their breakfast, applying makeup. She glanced at Ian's reflection next to her, only just having managed to squeeze himself into the tiny bathroom.

"What is it?" she asked, half smiling at the look on his face.
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Ian and Barbara had met earlier on the Saturday afternoon to simply spend times together. It had become something of a ritual for the both of them (when their respective families didn't drag them away from one another). Barbara had been welcomed by Ian into his flat, the both of them all smiles. They'd resisted the urge to spend all afternoon in Ian's bed. And braved the world.

"Are you certain that you want to see the exhibit?" Barbara asked as they approached their favourite museum, "I didn't think you were one for feminist literature."
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Series played out in each thread below

First Attempt
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Barbara looked out at the view as Ian put the last of their things in the car. From the front door of the little Bed and Breakfast, she could see beautiful rolling hills for miles. The last of the morning was being chased away as the sun rose higher in the sky, thawing everything out. Even the cows seemed more active on one particular hill.

"I wish we could stay for a little longer," she sighed to Ian, turning her back on it all so that it might be easier to leave. Her arms folded, one hand still held on to the key they were yet to return. "I don't suppose your car has a secret time traveling device so we can spend an extra few weeks here?"
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